Who we are

What’s the key to profitability? Many will tell you “mass production”; “less effort equals more profit”. In training, that translates into cookie-cutter lectures and one-size fits all workshops. How then does one explain the success of Quantum Services, Inc. – a training company that defies the cookie-cutter approach?

Quantum Services began by, and continues to be driven by customizing to customer needs. In 1984, Fred Brown was an engineer working for a fortune 500 company. He was charged with developing a company-wide compensation program to support self-directed teams. The kicker, how to make employee pay support the team and provide employees with the same feedback they used to get while working as individuals.

Fred equipped the department with bar code scanning devices that fed 6-foot electronic signs. These signs displayed real-time key measures to which the team responded. After training the teams to handle decision-making, problem solving and other skills, the pilot project was so successful a new company-wide compensation system was put in place.

Customer’s of the fortune 500 company routinely toured and were so impressed with what they saw they began to ask Fred if he could do the same thing for them. He often responded “We can do that.” Small item, Fred forgot to tell his wife.

One day, Barb, Fred’s wife, received a phone call at home asking for Fred Brown Consulting. After playing along Barb assured him he had the right number, noted the caller’s needs and phoned Fred to ask him when he was going to let her know they were in business together.
Working out of the basement, Fred began to consult for other companies and Barb begin running the books. No matter what the client asked for, the reply was, “We can do that.” Using a team approach, they gathered local experts and after a lengthy planning session the name Fred Brown Consulting was voted down and Quantum Services was born.

While working with the first customer, Fred realized how important training was to achieving company initiatives. The training division was born adding to the consulting side. The focus, as always, was finding out what the customer needed and filling the need. Training programs were developed, combined or modified to fit what the customer needed and could afford. Even when companies asked for catering services Fred replied “We can do that.”

After several years of the business taking over their home, Barb determined it was time to make a move. Fred committed all his time to the business and Quantum moved to its first home.

Soon some of Quantum’s customers began to ask about tracking training and automating other Human Resource functions and Quantum’s software division was created. Offering database management for training, project management, inventory, job tracking, human resources and time and attendance. Quantum also creates computer based (CD-Rom) training to help companies cut down on training costs.

You don’t have to work with Quantum very long to become aware of Fred’s motto; “We can do that.” Some things never change.